Friday, January 05, 2007

The sunrise and the sunset...

Recently I began a new project at work that is keeping me from my quiet moments - when I like to be only thoughts! Because of that I've been distant from here but I never got to forget any of the miracles.

Recently I lost myself in an overview of what makes me happy - simple things only :) Every time I think about this I always get to be farther from every day social reality than the time before. Believe me when I say I realy get far from here. I have to face the facts: The things that make me feel better not always are the things that I like the most - Why? - Simple! Just because when we're somewhere we indulge ourselfs into be part of the surroundings - we can «really» never be alone anytime and most of the times it isn't the feeling, that we're most concerned about, that carries us appart from feeling it the right way - it's the surrounding environment. So every time I think about it I think of it farther from my surroundigs - which gives me a better insight of what can really make me happy :)

Just for starters I'll give you some examples that can really make me jump into happiness: The vision of the highlights of my fathers car from when I was 8 years old; The vision of my grandfather smilling at mothers nature fury - always saying - nature will have its way ( ... :) ... ); To know that there are others like me (kind of makes me not feel lonely sometimes); My best friend really makes my happy just because I know she exists; The simplicity of the sunrise and sunset :)

Other tiny things are, for example, the taste of a spliff at the end of a days work :) The smilling face of my nephew when he gazes at something ;) The colors of mother nature when in some kind of out of the mind consciousness :) And, besides lots of others, the morning wake up with the sun splashing good vibration onto my face :)

Here's a little example of what I mean:

Human eye:



Tuesday, September 19, 2006


«Stones on my path? I keep them all for someday I will build a castle…»

Well… This phrase from a Portuguese writer called «Fernando Pessoa» says it all… No matter what troubles we face during our journey into eternity, we can all keep the stones on our way and grow bigger and brighter until one day when we will have a castle of our own, where we are master and lords of our own existence… Stones on my path? I keep them all… Do you keep yours? :-)

Where is the miracle here? Obvious: This man saw that even if the world is against you, you can still be – or – when the world is against you, you will have to be bigger and better in order to supplant it and keep on your path – just like obstacle-racing. It also enlarges a bright attitude towards life – you will have your way if you hang on to your beliefs. And everything that comes in your way trying to stop you just becomes one more add on to your growing self driving you into eternity. It would be something that my grandfather would enjoy knowing because he lived that way. Even if he didn’t realise it :-)

Let us delve into a little briefing on my grandfathers’ life: My grandfather began working when he was 7 years old. He would walk 7miles to get to a glass factory. To get there in time he would begin his journey at 5pm every morning – he used to tell me unbelievable stories about the strangest things that happened in those days but, that’s another story. After a few years, 7 to be precise, he bought a bicycle – what a tremendous joy he felt to be moving on a little faster. After another 10 years he bought a motorcycle and became the village most desired man – I still have his motorcycle and it still runs perfectly. Why did he become a desired man? I believe it is because he was faithful towards life and made his way even if he was born in the poorer side of his village – he kept on his way regardless of having nothing to start with and lost of problems to suppress, or overcome, on his way. Then my grandmother came - she was from the richest side of the village but a very cheap person when it comes to money – they got married and had two girls. My grandfather would help everyone who asked for his help in return of nothing. My grandmother would sell her eggs to her daughters – never gave anything to anyone – not even to her family members, nothing unless you pay for it. My grandfather would give everything he could on her back. My grandfather castle was built by him and had a hand from everyone he helped during his path in life – he still is the most missed person, for the right reasons, I can think of. He was firm like rock and never saw things with interest, nevertheless he always had stones on is way – even though he didn’t saw them that way – he really would see every obstacle as nothing of big importance because he was already living in his castle – long time before anyone I’ve ever met. He died in his castle with a huge smile on his face because there was nothing that would bring him down – not even the three different types of cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson and so on... Why? Simply because his castle was too strong to be conquered by disease or anything else. Also, his castle was reinforced by those who loved him deeply and that could never change – he never did.

My other grandfather committed suicide (hanged him self in the bathroom at sunrise) when I was 4 years old. I can’t compare them because I didn’t get to know this one but, one thing I can tell you – he didn’t face half the problems my adored grandfather had. He didn’t built his own castle and before he could know how to, he just gave up on life. It’s a very sad story but a true lesson in life.

So, where is the miracle? :-) Well, some of us are true miracles already and I’m happy to see/feel it :-)

I would like to have a picture of my grandfather I could use here but, I haven’t got one yet – still trying to find them :-) They are somewhere hidden between my grandmothers’ things – she still lives and now, even if she wanted to, she couldn’t give anything to anyone, she isn’t capable anymore. So I leave here a picture of a beautiful thing that reminds me of the peace I felt when I was in my grandfathers’ castle :-)

I know he's still somewhere out there looking at me.

I know he is somewhere out there looking at me from his castle in the clouds, travelling by sunrays into my heart :-) Knowing true love, this is one man I truly love - I thank you for you have always been there for me :-)

Monday, September 18, 2006


This sentence came in my horoscope for the current days: “We desire the pleasures of romance but aren't prepared to give up freedom.”

Eh Eh Eh Eh :-) Well, I think this is one of the undeniable truths (!!) about true scorpions! But, let us think a little bit more about this sentence… What is freedom for starters? Does it mean that scorpions don’t ever feel free in a relationship? Or, does it mean that freedom doesn’t have anything to do with the relationship but only with the time/space it consumes? :-) I think all of these are bound to be true somehow, because we are part of society and much more… Therefore, loss of freedom!! Or maybe not :-) What really do you believe it is necessary to be free? Does freedom make you feel better? :-) Well… I have to be clear in this point – most of the people I’ve known ‘till today couldn’t ever be left alone – in other terms – could not ever be free :-) Why? … Because they wouldn’t know how to handle their freedom and probably would stay still until someone or something made them move! … Why? Well, I rather not think objectively about it because I don’t want to get to the conclusion that it is simply a question of inner strength and drive to get somewhere better or truer – the truth is always better regardless – Most of us just sit back and wait for something to happen for us… I rather be alone than to wait for something to happen for me or by me – better to do something than to wait for it to happen :-)

Thinking about it, I can almost divide the world in two groups of human existence:
In the first we can find the freedom (or maybe this isn’t the correct term here) seekers, the ones who are bound to make their own paths and also convince the ones that surround them that that is the right path to take – I call these the illuminated ones;
In the second group we find the followers, the ones that intensively criticize (or not) the ones with ideas but, at the same time, follow them into what is assumed to be true – I call these the sheep like ones;

Just to make a better point here I’ll emphasize a world class illuminated one and his sheep flock: Hitler (illuminated or surround be illuminated ones) and the Nazis (common people who had their paths sorted out by Hitler and his fellow partners in crime)… We all know where this as lead us – the purpose of the Nazis was to build a better world for the Arian ones and that didn’t included lots of us (even Hitler wasn’t Arian prone – not even close) – they where working for freedom – their freedom, not ours… In fact, it hadn’t anything to do with true freedom but only with a few illuminated «concepts» they managed to pass on as being the true path into enlightenment and for a better world – don’t we all want that for us? – If we keep on following without questioning then this is bound to happen again – this is happening everyday without any conscience or individual responsibility on it – if we think about it we can get to the conclusion that «commonsense» is mostly about fulfilling our inaptitude to be free and still being able to live in a society – we bound ourselves to what was made common and true but, maybe, just maybe, it isn’t that true. It’s up to all of us to judge it or to follow it without judgment – our choice, our responsibility and our freedom in making it happen :-)

So, you’re thinking, where is the miracle? :-) Well… The miracle I’m trying to expose is the most simple thing ever to be true in this world – true self, true reason and truth :-) The capacity that all of us should have to become individually true and, therefore, socially better – the miracle of being able to see reason without being our reason – seeing the reason for it self. The ability to be and not to let be :-) To search for it when we can’t see it, not to expect for something to show it to us (it being whatever you choose)… And so on :-)

We all have our reasons and just because they are our reasons it doesn’t make them true. There’s always a reason for everything and most of the times we just can’t see it with eyes unclouded by our own reason.

So, do you see any kind of logic on that first sentence that came in my horoscope? Eh eh eh :-) I can’t see the reason for it! I can’t even begin to understand what the hell they mean with «freedom»… Not a clue… Not by any reason apart from a well known reason (makeup one) that lies within our «commonsense» - our inaptitude to be free as individuals and still be part of something. Where does that leave us? :-) Eh eh eh – nowhere is the place :-)

So I leave you here with another friend of mine who truly understands freedom and its part in this world :-)

Friday, September 15, 2006


Well... Here I am again :-) Some corny stuff to start something I don't know how to... Have you ever wondered how it would be if we where apt to cruise solo throughout the endless universe we're in? Just like those dreams in which we fly onto our imaginary places hidden inside. But, in this case, we would be able to fly into deep space :-) It would certainly become one of the most beautiful things ever to be possible – a true miracle – that will be possible (if we don’t screw up 'til then)! ;-) Nevertheless we already have some of that perception from pictures taken by our experimental search probes sent to space… Nothing like a little sample of what we would see if we could be out there ;-) Remember – this is the real thing :-)

Becoming a Pulsar

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I drove for several miles until I reached a beautiful place where this friend of mine was standing – literally stuck onto the ground where I was also standing. After a big hug and several laughs’ I came to the conclusion that miracles are to be found everywhere and most of the times it’s a question of our (in)aptitude in realising that they exist, whatever form they take. Most of the times, it’s just a question of our inaptitude to handle the real events so called miracles. So, if we aren’t apt to see the reality behind the miracles and, also, we aren’t apt to assume that something’s are miracles, we will keep on waiting for someone to assume that for us. Weird stuff hey?! Unfortunately, or not, this way of handling stuff leaves us in a standby mode indefinitely, always waiting for someone , or something, to show us – this is the way – this is the way!! What way is it: Yours? Mine? The truth, is it real? - Not only with miracles this happens so, this is also a miracle – The miracle of being awake and asleep at the same time… Eh eh eh :-) Laugh a little with me :-) Eh eh eh :-)

I believe that most of the times we aren’t “here” because we don’t want to – it’s easier. And if we leave every assumption in the hands of those who rule our whereabouts then… I really don’t want to think about it but, it can lead us to a new miracle – or something I’ll never understand – and if I understand it, maybe I won’t be able to live here anymore – I suppose I won’t have the proper tools to handle it! Until then I leave here my friend who I believe to be a miracle – filled with those little details that can really make me feel and believe in the eternal balance between all living things – the true miracle of life.

May the force be with you :-)

Old tree